Meet Our Therapist Jill Christensen

Jill Christensen Registered Social Worker, MSW. RSW. BA.

Jill believes that everyday life presents itself with challenges and transitions and during these times, we need support and guidance to achieve relief from a situation or state of being, as well as compassion and understanding. She believes that the human connection is essential in therapy and that it’s an honor to help people reach their potential.

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Meet our therapist Rachel Subchyshyn

Rachel Subchyshyn Canadian Certified Counsellor, B.A., M.EdRachel’s been working in a private and school setting for over 13 years with children, youth and adults. She has experience working in the areas of anxiety, eating disorders, depression, trauma and grief! Listening to her client’s stories and learning about their personal journeys is what Rachel likes most about her job.

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Happiness Research on $

Spend on experiences not goods: Buying tickets for an activity leads to more happiness than getting a receipt for an item. Experiences apparently involve social relationships that goods can never provide; planning an expenditure grants more happiness than a random purchase.

Delaying gratification pumps up dopamine, a neurotransmitter that causes wellbeing. Dismiss, the now, postpone for later and watch your wellbeing grow.

Scientific American Mind, July/August 2015, p. 9

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Meet Our Therapist Ryan Dielschneider!

Ryan Dielschneider Canadian Certified Counsellor, B.A., M.C.Ryan’s worked in counselling and human services for over 7 years. He strives to combine a relational, client-centered counselling style with evidence-based therapy techniques for his therapeutic work. Ryan specializes in Schema Therapy which targets life-long destructive patterns and helps clients overcome these life traps.

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Evolved Emotions

“Strong men” and “pretty women” (those who, over period of evolution had the most power to cause harm or withhold benefits) are most easily angered reports psychologist Aaron Seel. He concludes the benefit of anger is to prevent oneself from being exploited. Hence if you feel affronted, safety and civility are dismissed and we can act angrily and people take action. The anger boosts confidence, optimism and risk taking.

So if you feel victim to anger quickly check what the angry person mistakenly thinks is being exploited by you. That item is the subject for you to discuss versus your own personal sense of exploitation. If it is not obvious, find a therapist whom you can be candid with and who will be brave enough to share an opinion.

Psychology Today, February 2015, p. 47

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Meet Our Therapist: Sharon Neufeld

sharonSharon’s an incredible Psychologist who we’re proud to have part of the PPC family. She has been giving individuals and couples tools to empower themselves and move to new levels of contentment and accomplishment since 1992. Her passion is in creating positive changes that bring balance and unity to body, soul, mind and spirit.

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Meet Our Therapist: Denise Byblow

Denise Byblow R. Psychologist (Provisional) B.A., M.C.

Denise is a one of the PPC family’s passionate therapists! Her approach to counselling is client-centered and solution-focused. She believes that gaining insight into our thoughts, feelings and perceptions can helps us heal, grow and make positive changes toward our potential.

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Recent Training Updates

InboxOur family of therapists and counsellors are constantly seeking advancement in their professional careers and we’re happy to share that both Sharon Neufeld and Ryan Dielschneider each completed some recent training!