Which is the best motivator? Envy or Admiration?

Have you ever wondered which is the best motivator – envy or admiration? Sadly, research psychologists at Van de Den at Tilbert University report that it is envy. Their research found that when we envy someone, our persistence on a creative task improves. They also found that we try to emulate the person that we envy.  Benevolent, well-meaning, envy was found to be creative, and motivated those studied to perform our tasks more creatively. Malevolent envy, however, was found to be destructive in those studied.

Using these findings we can examine our own envy: it’s been found that your own envy might be a good thing. We must first check to see if it is rooted in benevolence, or with good intentions. We do not want it to be rooted in negative meaning. If you are unsure where your envy is rooted, a check in with a therapist will help you examine your motivation and how to move forward.