Creating REM Sleep and Optimizing Your Sleep Cycle

Researchers have known for a few decades the extreme importance of REM sleep.  This cycle is critical to our ability to create ideal sleep.  The trouble is, we can’t force ourselves to have it.  That’s right, we can’t demand our bodies to have REM sleep.

Ken Wright, the director of The Sleep & Chronobiology Lab at the University of Colorado, reports that there is no universal wake-up time.  We’re all on our own biological sleep and wake cycles.  However, it’s been shown that it is ideal to awaken at the conclusion of an REM sleep cycle, which is just before we awaken naturally.

Ken suggests that you try and set your natural alarm clock by self-monitoring your natural wake-up time while you’re on holidays.  Once you’ve established this natural wake-up time, you can begin to structure your day around this point.  Creating a daily routine around this natural ideal time will create optimal effectiveness of REM sleep.