Is The Midlife Crisis is Myth or Reality?

We all get a little antsy when approaching various ages, as we get older.  But we’ve all heard of this thing called a “mid life crisis” too.  Exactly when is midlife?  What constitutes a crisis?  It’s certainly different for everyone, but here are some facts from extensive research done on the topic that will make you think.


Cornell University conducted a phone survey and found that over a quarter of both men and women have reported experiencing a mid life crisis.  This could be due to the multiple studies that show that happiness often hits an all-time low during middle age.  This low tends to be due to life events, biology, and psychology.  Our bodies and minds change and evolve, leading to these feelings.


In middle age, martially speaking, it is not typically the man who asks for the divorce, but rather the woman.  In America, with couple’s getting divorced, it is upwards of ⅔ of divorces being brought by the female partner.  This goes against what is conventionally believed to be the case, but is absolutely true when studied in depth.


Another common occurrence in middle age is the on-set of empty nest syndrome, or lack there of.  It has been shown that empty nest may be more a myth than fact.  A Canadian survey of 300 parents found that a majority of parents had positive feelings of their children’s departure, as opposed to negative.  This would prove that most parents actually look forward to their children leaving the home, as opposed to fear it or become depressed.


Lastly, when older people are asked what age they would like to return to, a majority say their 40’s!  Despite biological & psychological changes, partnered with major life changes, most people still end up recounting their 40’s as a time they would like to go back to.  This may or may not prove the existence of the mid life crisis, but only your own personal experience can determine how real this phenomenon is in your own life.