Eunice Cachene


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Registered Social Worker #309

Favorite Book:
“The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma

Favorite Quote:
“Focus on your strengths and let them guide you”. (Anonymous)

What I like most about my job:
Helping people find their own strengths and building on their self-identity.

I have been working as a therapist at PPC since May 1994 and in various social work areas since November 1998. My experience has been in working with children, families, couples and agencies in the area of Family Services, Crisis Intervention, Children Services and children with developmental issues. I specialize in the area of family origin, trauma, child/parent conflict or related conflicts, grief, and parenting issues.

Areas of Interest:
– Domestic Violence
– Parenting Education
– Parent/Teen Conflict
– Cultural Sensitivity
– Family of Origin
– Self Esteem
– Crisis Intervention
– Spirituality
– Contemporary Women’s Themes
– Cross-Cultural Counselling
– Early Childhood
– Elderly Abuse
– Gambling Addictions and resources
– Community Development
– Child Development (Special Needs – i.e. Autism)

Training Upgrades & Certificates:
– Repairing Trauma in Children – March 2012
– Mental Health 1st Aid – December 2011
– Playtherapy Workshop
– Alcohol and Drug Mini Course
– Sexual Abuse Training
– Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Certificate (CISD) Advanced
– Adlerian Facilitators Certificate (1997)
– Solution focused – (Level 1)
– John Gottman training
– Reality & Control Theory training (Level 1)
– Approved by Medical Services Branch as Therapist for First Nations People since 1997
– Suicide Prevention training
– Wraparound Training
– Brief Solution Focus Certificate
– Knowledge of Multicultural values
– Dual Diagnosis Conference, November 2002
– Attachment Disorder/Case Management

Professional Experience:
– Four and a half years as Social Worker with Child Protection
– Mobile Crisis Intervention Service Counsellor (Casual) from 1994 to September 2000
– Counsellor with PPC from 1994 to present day
– Co-ordinated Case Management worker on the Early Childhood team from May 1998 to November 2009
– Has/is currently working with 1st Nation People and have done debriefing re: Residential school issues in urban/reserve settings
– Worked as gambling counsellor at Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services
– Knowledgeable in child development & has worked with children using the Play therapy approach

Augmented Experience:
– Native Cultural Awareness
– Minority Cultural Awareness
– Domestic Violence Experience
– Trauma and Grief Workshop in 1998
– Community focused