Remote and Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions are available when requested. Video appointments are provided via one of two platforms that are both HIPAA-compliant. You will receive a link via email, to connect you to the therapist for your session. Neither platform requires you to download a program or set up an account of any kind. Contact is made only through the email link.

You are asked to complete and return a Telepsychology Consent Form to ensure you understand both the benefits and the limitations of video sessions, and so we can collect the emergency information required.

If your sessions are not funded by an EFAP, please pay at each session. Contactless payment is available by E-transfer to is preferred. Credit/debit can be received at Reception.

As always, please give 24+ hours’ notice of cancellation as a courtesy to your therapist, and to avoid a missed appointment fee.

PAPERWORK: If you have not completed paperwork, OR if any of the information has changed, OR if you have not been a client at PPC for 12+ months, paperwork will be required. This paperwork should come as an attachment with your booking confirmation or appointment reminder(s).