Welcome Jordan Mills!

We are excited to introduce Jordan Mills (he/him). Jordan will be starting at PPC on August 1st, and he offers individual therapy for men and women. He sees adults across the lifespan who are struggling with a variety of life difficulties including; work-life balance, relationship difficulties, anxiety, substance misuse, life transitions and identity questions such as ‘who am I?’, and ‘what really matters to me in life?’. Jordan is also certified to see clients who are with the NIHB program (non-insured health benefits for First Nations and Inuit clients). If you would like to book with Jordan, please call 306-664-0000 and for more information please visit: https://peopleproblems.ca/wp/?page_id=1566


It’s Administrative Professionals’ Week

Ruth & Tricia — We think we’ve got THEEE BEST.  They are like the Eveready batteries…they just keep going – helping our clients, cracking jokes at our therapist’s expense, answering our busy phone lines with aplomb, and they still get all the pesky, monotonous paperwork done!  And, Bonus!  We always get paid on time too!  Thanks sooooooo much, you guys!  You are a class of your own!  (This message was, of course, tweaked from it’s original form because, well, our A-team edits too!)

Social Work Appreciation Week!

Each year communities across Canada take time in March to recognize the hard work, dedication, resilience and compassion of social workers with Social Work Appreciation Week!
Every day, our fabulous, marvelous and incredible team of registered social workers, registered psychologists and Canadian certified counsellors help individuals and families experiencing difficulties in their lives. To learn more about our fantastic team, please click here.

Therapist wanted

Due to the lack of professionals in our industry, we are not as able to book appointments as quickly as we are accustomed to. The choices for new clients who prefer specific parameters (gender, working hours, etc.) are reduced and appointment booking times are further down the road than we wish.


Even with offering a finders’ fee we have been unsuccessful in adding suitable new candidates to our team.  Unfortunately, this is not a problem specific to our agency.  Nor is it a problem specific to Saskatoon – or Saskatchewan – or even Canada for that matter. 

We want you to know that we are always doing our very best to provide new and former clients with exceptional customer service. 


If you are a therapist with a Masters’ degree in a human service field, licensed or certified by a recognized body and have liability insurance looking to join a team of great people, please send your resume in confidence to ruth.rousell@peopleproblems.ca